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14 November 2003 web site in Crisis

An Alternative web site has run into trouble

A well used UK based holistic health web site has run into financial problems because of it's popularity. is a virtual community with information and listings on alternative treatments, therapies, and activities throughout the UK. The web site has grown to receive over half a million hits a month and its Internet Service Provider (ISP) has threatened to pull the plug unless it comes up with more money to cope with the increasing number of visitors.

Following the web site launch in April 2001 it peaked at around 170,000 hits a month during its first year and is now achieving well over 500,000 hits a month

Commercial advertising and sponsorship together with voluntary contributions were expected to cover running costs as the site grew, unfortunately this has not happened and the site has run at a loss from the beginning.

Although Metta has been offering free listings  to practitioners for over two years, the owner Mark Craig has stated that this may now have to be withdrawn and fears this may hinder the growing number of holistic practitioners from putting themselves out there, and perhaps more seriously hinder those seeking a more healthy and holistic life style through searching on the web. was created as a source of holistic help, advise, and general information as well as a fun place for people to visit. covers a wide range of alternative issues and provides a single information point for all things "holistic". The site covers the whole of mainland Britain.

Metta includes listings for yoga classes, alternative therapies and includes discussion forums, words of wisdom and articles from professional practitioners as well as a Rune Stone and Astrology Section.

Without immediate sponsorship or commercial advertising it is feared the web site may close down.


The URL is


Site first launched in April 2001

For a brief site history visit

For more information please contact:

Mark Craig
7 Broomborough Drive
Totnes, Devon
TQ9  5LT
Tel: +44(0)1803 863009
Email: Please use the Feed Back Form.




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